The Deadline to File a Drunk Driver Claim

The Deadline to File a Drunk Driver Claim
The deadline for certain drunk driver claims in Hawaii is two (2) years from the date of the injury. Other deadlines for motor vehicle accident related claims may apply to such claims (see motor vehicle section of this website).

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Generally Hawaii law recognizes claims against drunk drivers for the damages they cause. The Hawaii courts may even impose liability on the sellers of liquor for the damages that drunk drivers cause (dramshop liability).

Intoxicated adult drivers who injure themselves do not have a claim against those who provide them with liquor which is recognized by the Hawaii courts at this time. Even the claims of intoxicated minor drivers who injure themselves are generally are not recognized by the Hawaii courts at this time- Winters v. Silver Fox Bar, 71 Haw. 524, 797 P.2d 51 (1990) [A minor who sustains injury due to his or her own voluntary intoxication is not within class of persons protected by the statute prohibiting sale of liquor to minors, and thus is precluded from suing a commercial liquor supplier]. However, it is possible that the Hawaii Supreme Court is in the process of revisiting this issue. At present, however, it appears that only other parties who are injured by a drunk person’s driving (and not the driver himself) are clearly protected by Hawaii’s drunk driver law.