Legal Help from Lawyer’s Assistant

Note: paralegals are legal assistants who help attorneys in their law practices. A personal injury accident paralegal often assists with the initial intake of information related to a personal injury claim. Cases where a paralegal would be involved include car accidents (involving all types of motor vehicles trucks, buses, motorcycles, mopeds, etc), bicycle and pedestrian accidents; slip and fall accidents, trip and fall accidents, and other premises liability accidents; maritime accidents (accidents in the ocean or at sea); accidents resulting from defective products (products liability claims); medical malpractice claims; and claims for other professional malpractice.

Deadline for filing your claim in court

Hello and welcome. As Mr. Lawson’s paralegal, I must first warn you about the existence of a deadline for filing your claim in court. Every type of legal claim has a deadline for filing that claim in court. That deadline is known as the Statute of Limitations. These deadlines differ from state to state. The deadlines discussed in this website are those applicable under HAWAII law.
After the expiration of the deadline, a claim usually will be lost regardless of its merits. There are various exceptions to the deadlines (minority, incompetency, etc.), so it is still worth evaluating a claim even after the deadline has expired. PLEASE NOTE THAT BECAUSE OF THESE DEADLINES, YOU MUST ACT PROMPTLY on any claims which you believe you may wish to pursue. For more information, please click on the link provided below.

Deadlines for filing claims in court.