Ocean and pool accidents

Hawaii Ocean and Swimming Pool Accidents

Hiring a Hawaii drowning or diving accident lawyer

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in an Swimming Pool Accident- drowning and diving accident in Hawaii you should consider getting the advice of an experienced swimming pool accident attorney. Here at Accident Lawyer Hawaii we have been representing the victims of serious injuries and wrongful death resulting from causes like drowning, diving and swimming pool accidents for over 25 years. For some considerations in finding a personal injury lawyer in Hawaii to assist you, please examine:

Considerations in finding the right accident lawyer in Hawaii

Hawaii Diving, Drowning and other Swimming Pool Accidents

Deadlines to file Diving, Drowning and other Swimming Pool Accident claims in Hawaii

The deadline for filing a claim in court arising out of an swimming pool accident in Hawaii can be difficult to determine. Similar situations may have very different deadlines for filing. Some claims in swimming pools and private parks may generally follow Hawaii’s two (2) year statute of limitations. It must be recalled, however, that pursuant to state law- claims against the City and County of Honolulu and the other counties (eg. for accidents at County swimming pools or due to the conduct of County employees) are generally subject to a 6 month deadline- which means immediate action is often required. In short it is best to promptly investigate and assert any claim which you think you may have- and to obtain competent legal assistance immediately in determining any filing deadlines which may apply.

Additional Information about swimming pool accident claims in Hawaii

Investigation of a swimming pool accident claim is very important to the outcome of the claims. A timely investigation of all available evidence related to the case may be critical. Photos and videos of relevant conditions -the inside and the outside of the pool, the surrounding conditions, the signs, and any other dangers giving rise to the accident, the activities being carried on in the area of the accident, etc., the area where the injuries and damages were sustained and the injuries and damages themselves may prove invaluable in proving up an accident claim to a claims adjuster, a judge or a jury. Photographic or video documentation of the accident should be done as soon as possible. We here at Accident Lawyer Hawaii generally provide a high level of this type of assistance for cases in which we are retained.