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  • A claim arising out of a slip and fall, trip and fall or other accident resulting from a dangerous condition on property is generally subject to a two-year statute of limitations in Hawaii.

Hawaii law premises liability

  • In Hawaii the owner or occupant of real property is required to take reasonable steps to eliminate any unreasonable risk of harm posed by the property to people who may come onto it. Depending upon the situation this may be done either by correcting a dangerous condition or by warning about it. The owner or occupant is responsible for conditions known about and which should have been known about. If you wish to find out more about Premises Liability law in the State of Hawaii, please click here.

  • Some examples of dangerous conditions for which liability has been imposed are:
Hawaii lawyer dangerous premises

Unsafe design and/or construction of buildings

Dangerous and unmarked ditches or culverts

Improperly maintained equipment, furniture or furnishings

Overgrown or uncontrolled landscaping

Inadequate security

Inadequate lighting Hawaii lawyer injuries on premises

Slippery/wet walking surfaces

Defects, holes or obstructions in walking surfaces

Keeping a dangerous animal

Swimming pools without proper safeguards

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  • If you believe that you may have a claim of this type, please take a few moments to visit with a paralegal to outline the nature of your claim. Thank you!

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Hawaii Personal Injury and Accident Law News and Cases

On June 29, 2015, the Hawaii Supreme Court rendered its decision in the case of St. Paul Fire and Marine Ins. Co. v. Liberty Mutual Insurance, Hi. Sup. Ct. Case No SCCQ-14-0000727 (June 29, 2015). This case arose out of a wrongful death personal injury case handled by this office which resulted in a $4.1 million verdict in favor of our clients - even though Liberty Mutual, the primary liability insurer, never offered anything even close to its policy limits of $1 million. St. Paul - who had to pay our clients everything recovered in excess of the initial $1 million - claimed that Liberty Mutual committed bad faith towards it by failing to settle within its $1 million policy limits. The Hawaii Supreme Court agreed and found that an excess insurer has claims for bad faith against a primary insurer.

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