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Accident Lawyer Hawaii - Deadlines
Deadlines for filing a Recreational Accident claim in Hawaii
You must file your claims in court prior to the expiration of the statute of limitations, or your claims may be lost — regardless of their merit. A claim arising out of a recreational accident under Hawaii law is typically subject to a two year statute of limitations. However, often recreational claims are subject to Federal jurisdiction and Federal law – eg. when maritime issues are involved. This will often change the deadline and it may reduce the deadline to one (1) year or less. There are exceptions to many of the statute of limitation rules. To be wise it is recommended that you contact an attorney, lawyer or law firm experienced in recreational accidents right away after an accident giving rise to injuries occurs. Please do not hesitate to :

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Brief overview of Recreational Accident claims in Hawaii

Recreation accidents in Hawaii occur in a large number of different activities. Recreational and entertainment activities here seem only to be limited by the bounds of human imagination. A few of the more challenging activities include surfing, stand-up paddle-boarding, foiling, body boarding (bodyboarding), body surfing (bodysurfing) and riding all kinds of things dirt bikes, horses, jetskis (jet skis), ATVs, etc. Then there is parasailing, paragliding, gliding, parachuting, bungee jumping, mud sliding, hiking, trail riding, going to amusement parks and the like. People here are sometimes even injured doing the more mundane things like playing tourist, sightseeing (siteseeing), going to our scenic lookouts, walking around Diamond Head, shopping and the like.

Some recreational accidents in Hawaii involve an injury received because of a dangerous condition on property. Some of these accidents are subject to Hawaii’s recreational use statute which shields many landowners from liability for accidents occurring on their property. Businesses that are involved in recreational activities (and which charge for their services and property use) generally are not able to take advantage of this shield from liability. An owner or occupant of real property is required to take reasonable steps to eliminate any unreasonable risk of harm posed by their property to people who may come onto it. Depending upon the situation this may be done either by correcting a dangerous condition or by warning about it. The owner or occupant is responsible both for conditions known about and which should have been known about. If you wish to find out more about Premises Liability law in the State of Hawaii, please review the Brief Overview set forth on the Falls/Trips/Slips page.

Other recreational activity injuries occur as a result of swimming, diving, surfing, body boarding or otherwise using the ocean. For these accident claims, please review our page on such claims at Drowning, Diving and Swimming accidents.